Sentora proftpd issue on CentOS 6

Yesterday I was running into issues setting up Sentora on a new shared web hosting server I was setting up; however, I ran into an issue where connecting to Sentora over active ftp was not working. Through FileZilla I was getting the error:

“Server sent passive reply with unroutable address”

My current setup included a CentOS 6.7 web server behind a pfSense firewall, routing 20/21 to the server through NAT. After further investigation, I found that PASV ports needed to be configured in /etc/proftpd.conf (reference)

I then allowed the matching ports through in pfSense, after the normal FTP port (21).


Then all seemed to work.

I hope this helps you in your trials and tribulations. 🙂

Find gateway for PFSense or BSD-based system for IPs configured by DHCP

I used the above code snippet to maintain a dynamic DNS record of my gateway so Nagios can monitor it remotely. The TTL is set low enough on cloudflare and the update interval is short enough in cron so that there shouldn’t be a time that the IP changes and nagios tries to ping the wrong address, pinging critical.

iptables for Standard Linux Server

Here is the configuration that I used for a simple server that allows ssh. It also allows NRPE and ICMP Ping from <host_ip> (where <host_ip> represents the static ip address of a Nagios instance that is attempting to monitor your server) to monitor the server using Nagios.